Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A web space for your poetry

Hello Mam!
This blog service provided by google for free.
So i just created a space for your sweet words.

you can change the design like bg color, images, fonts etc.
waiting for your first post !!

All details sended to your rediffmail id.
Please change all your pass and user as per your choice.
and also sorry for spell mistakes if any.

I hope you will like it!


  1. thanx saurabh...god bless u...:)

  2. I like your all poetries.They are so touchy & original,i can understand your feelings which you express in your poetry. I also a poet but not like you,I hope i will learn somthing from your poetry.You should publish your own book of 'MERI PACHPAN KAVITAYEN'very soon.My best wishes are always with you.

  3. सुभान अल्लाह .......................क्या रंगों नूर की बारिश है लगता है की कही कुछ बना है या टूटा है चलती रहे जिन्दगी यूँ ही बाकी तो सब मालिक की रजाहै